We have a large range of accessories below is an outline of what we keep in stock:

  • Pyjama’s, Nightshirts and dressing gowns (Somax, Guasch, Jockey)
  • Socks (HJ, Viyella,Pex)
  • Underwear (Jockey, Unico, Guasch, Guardian, High cross)
  • Belts and Braces
  • Waistcoats
  • Ties, clip on ties, bow ties and cravats
  • Bow tie, cummerbunds and pocket handkerchiefs
  • Dress scarves and gloves
  • Cufflinks, dress studs, tie pins, collar stiffeners and armbands
  • Handkerchiefs, loose, boxed, linen and embroidered.
  • Hats, caps, gloves, leather gloves and scarves. (Failsworth and Dents)
  • Swimwear (Jockey, Guasch)
  • Wallets, coin purses, belt hooks, tie hangers clothes brush’s and other wooden accessories
  • Tweed accessories (seasonal) caps, gloves, phone cases, ipad covers, trinket box’s and messenger bags

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